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Thousands To Benefit From Community Pandemic Funding

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Sixteen community organisations, including Inverclyde Community Fund, that are providing a vital response during the Covid-19 crisis across Inverclyde are to share in a £140,000 boost.

The money comes from the Scottish Government’s Supporting Communities Fund and will go to groups seeking financial support to meet additional running costs and maintain key services such as hot meals and lifeline grocery deliveries, crisis energy support and wellbeing checks, temporary staff appointments and volunteer outlays.

Oak Treet Housing Association was the anchor organisation for the bid and worked with local third sector interface, CVS Inverclyde, to identify beneficiaries.

It is anticipated that more than 1,000 individuals and families suffering because of the pandemic can continue to be supported on a weekly basis thanks to the funding.

Oak Tree itself is receiving money to cover increased demands on its services, which have remained active during lockdown.

These include the appointment of a temporary crisis intervention officer to provide enhanced support for tenants dealing with issues such as mental health, significant financial hardship through changes to income and employment, as well as family situations, including bereavement.

CVS Inverclyde will benefit from funding to bolster several key projects including the appointment of a temporary volunteer co-ordinator to work with its team who have been busy accrediting, training and managing the hundreds of people who have pledged their support through its Volunteer Inverclyde service.

Funding will also help maintain its prescription collection service and its evolving community asset register which lists details of vital service provision.

Local organisations also benefiting are:

  • Inverclyde Community Fund to boost its special Covid-19 Fund to benefit at least 20 local community groups

  • Belville Community Garden for its self-isolation boxes

  • Branchton Community Centre to continue its support for lunch deliveries

  • Broomhill Community Gardens and Hub for community support

  • Compassionate Inverclyde for back-home boxes and essential hospital items

  • Inverkip Hub for community support

  • Mind Mosaic Adult Services for its therapeutic support of key workers

  • Parklea Branching Out for community support

  • Port Glasgow Salvation Army to support community based volunteering

  • Starter Packs Inverclyde for a range of household items for vulnerable and shielding individuals

  • The Recovery Café to support its work

  • The Wise Group/IHEAT for its crisis energy fund

  • Unity Enterprise for food for families in need

  • Your Voice for wellbeing checks staffing/sessional costs

A board spokesperson for Oak Tree Housing Association said:

“As well as our own award to bolster our support for tenants in need, we have been delighted to act as the conduit for funding that will enhance so many key services that have been created, and maintained, by community organisations and grassroots groups throughout the pandemic.

“Working in partnership with CVS Inverclyde, we have ensured that there is a formal network in place to co-ordinate the delivery of services, alongside our public sector partners.

“As the majority of projects are established, the funding means they can continue to provide vital support during the current lockdown period for people unable to access services, as well as for our most vulnerable in society who will need to continue isolating.”

Eleanor Robertson, Chair of Inverclyde Community Fund (ICF), said:

“Our fund delivers small grants, of up to £500, quickly to local groups across Inverclyde delivering work that will ‘make a difference’.

“We are delighted to receive this funding which will enable ICF to support more than 20 organisations responding to the coronavirus crisis and helping our Inverclyde community in a variety of ways.”

To make an application to Inverclyde Community Fund, click here.

Charlene Elliott, CVS Inverclyde chief executive, said:

“This Supporting Communities Fund is great reward for our collective response to the pan

“Together, we have ensured a cohesive, co-ordinated response to supporting our local communities through the delivery of key services, especially for individuals and families most in need.”

Jamie Conway from The Recovery Café said:

“For people embarking on their recovery journey from addiction/mental health, connection is a vital component. By connecting with peers, we reduce feelings of isolation, loneliness and depression, which have been noted as three major factors within individuals experiencing ongoing substance use and poor mental health.

“Due to Covid-19, the Recovery Café has not been able to conduct its business as normal and our participants do not have strong social circles around them so connection is proving difficult. We believe that by providing access to online groups, we can help people to connect with others, learn new skills to combat their ailments and develop existing ones to cope with life as we know it.

“This will help our members to keep moving forward on their journey and reduce the risk of participants slipping with their recovery. This project could save the lives of our members.”

Willie Wilson of Branchton Community Centre said:

“When we first started delivering meals to vulnerable people in the community we aimed at reaching 200 people. However, demand for our service has now increased to the stage that we are now being asked to deliver up to 400 meals per day. The grant will allow us to provide this additional supply until at least the end of August if required.

“In addition to our meals, we also supply essential items like groceries and toiletries. The grant again will allow us to be able to continue this work.

“Our clients are currently some of the most vulnerable members of the community who are not able to receive support from ‘official’ channels. Our activities have been very well received and we have many case studies of the need for our work and the difference it has made to people’s lives.”

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