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£4,000 AWARD

Greenock Morton Community Trust received a Sustainable Development Grant of £4,000 from the Inverclyde Windfarm Fund.

"Greenock Morton Community Trust will launch a new project called Boots and Pieces which will allow community participants and families to donate unwanted sports kit and equipment which will then be reused within the community.

"This will allow them to reduce, reuse and recycle sports equipment through their network of over 800 community footballers.

"The grant will be used to create a swap shop in localities across Inverclyde which will allow residents to donate or take items and reduce items going to landfill.


"The project will contribute to sustainable development in Inverclyde by having a positive impact on the environment by reducing, reusing, and recycling sports kits and equipment.

"It will also assist with the increased cost of living and ultimately remove barriers to sport and physical activity.


“We will award an ‘Eco Team of the Month’ within our community teams who will assist with the project and have the chance to win points.

"Each winning team will also be invited to Morton games as a prize for gaining the most points in the month.

"In addition to helping with ‘Boots and Pieces’ they can secure points by assisting in their community with activities such as litter picks, reducing energy at home, bringing reusable bottles to sessions, and car sharing.”

Brian McLaughlin, Chief Executive.

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