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New Inverclyde Windfarm Grant Fund Opens For Applications

Inverclyde Community Fund (ICF) has announced the opening of its new Inverclyde Windfarm Grant Fund, which will provide grants of up to £1,000 to community and voluntary organisations in the Inverclyde area.

The Fund has been created through a new partnership agreement between ICF and Inverclyde Renewables LLP, with the Fund receiving an annual payment linked to the energy output of the Windfarm.

The eight wind turbines stand 110m tall and are sited in the area around parts of Burnhead, Lurg Moor, Maukinhill Moor and Corlic Hill in Greenock and became fully operational in February 2021.

With the Windfarm estimated to provide the Fund with more than £72,000 each year of its life, the grants will provide a welcome source of funding to Inverclyde’s third sector and community organisations.

The Fund will be managed and redistributed to local organisations by ICF, with the charity announcing applications for the scheme should support and promote at least one of the following causes:

  • Environmental;

  • Renewable Energy;

  • Energy Efficiency;

  • Sustainable Development;

  • Charitable;

  • Educational;

  • Community;

  • Sport and Recreation;

  • General community amenity schemes.

Commenting on the launch, Eleanor Robertson, Chair of Inverclyde Community Fund said:

“Alongside my fellow Trustees, we are delighted to launch the new Inverclyde Windfarm Fund and we expect this vital cash to provide and create great opportunities locally.

“I would invite as many local organisations as possible to consider applying to the fund to see if we can support their aims and further help them to develop and grow across Inverclyde.

“We would like to thank Inverclyde Renewables LLP for their support and look forward to a successful partnership.”

James Jones & Sons Ltd Chairman, Tom Bruce-Jones said:

“We are delighted to partner with Inverclyde Community Fund and to see this fund launched.

"James Jones & Sons Ltd has a very strong ethos of supporting all the local communities where we operate, and this investment into Inverclyde should make a significant impact locally.”

Wayne Cranstone, Investment Director at Gresham House Asset Management added:

“This welcome funding will provide a significant boost to Inverclyde’s economy and community and is a positive step in building a more sustainable and greener future for the UK.

“We look forward to seeing and learning more about the projects that this fund will support.”

ICF accepts applications at any time throughout the year and applicants will receive a decision within 6 weeks of applying. There is a turnover limit of £250,000 for all organisations applying to the fund.

Organisations are invited to apply here.

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