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Inspirational Young Volunteer Chosen for Prestigious Award

A young volunteer from Inverclyde is being recognised for the outstanding contribution he has made to the community.

Corey Beaton (21) and from Greenock, has been awarded both the Saltire Ambassador Award and the 500 hours Saltire Award.

As a volunteer trustee for Inverclyde Community Fund (ICF), Corey has devoted many hours to helping the organisation. In particular, he played a central role in organising Inverclyde Stride, an annual fundraising event.

Eleanor Robertson, chair of Inverclyde Community Fund, said: “Everyone at Inverclyde Community Fund is thrilled and so proud to be presenting Corey with these Saltire awards. We feel this is the least we can do to thank him and recognise his outstanding contribution.

“It cannot be understated the contribution he has made to ICF and Inverclyde Stride, but also the wider Inverclyde community with the time he has given.

“Corey has helped the organisation with governance matters and also created a media strategy for us. He has a diverse history of volunteering, going back to his time in school, such as his role in the Scottish Youth Parliament as an elected candidate representing Inverclyde.

“Corey’s depth and breadth of volunteering are incredible. He is passionate, enthusiastic and wise beyond his years. His skills and talent are far-reaching and he is currently studying for a law degree.”

Corey Beaton and Ardgowan Hospice staff

Linda McEnhill, chief executive of Ardgowan Hospice, said:

“Some years ago, Corey led a YPI (Youth and Philanthropy Initiative) project at his school which focused on highlighting Ardgowan Hospice services that his family had received. His project was judged to be the best and the £3,000 prize fund contributed to our Butterfly Child Bereavement project.

“I know Corey’s mum and dad were very proud of this and Ardgowan Hospice and all the staff were also incredibly proud of him.

“Corey is an amazing young leader who undoubtedly we are going to hear great things about in the future. Our congratulations to him.”

Catriona MacLeod, development officer with the third sector organisation CVS Inverclyde, said:

“Everyone at CVS Inverclyde wants to say a huge congratulations to Corey; he is an inspiration and an incredible role model. We were excited to present Corey with the awards in the Inverclyde Community Hub on Friday.

“We know that Corey’s story will inspire young people in Inverclyde to try volunteering and see for themselves the difference they can make to people’s lives and their community.

“There are so many opportunities for young people in Inverclyde and every charity and community organisation would love the chance to support young people, whether as a trustee or another role.

“Third sector organisations are always keen to gain the perspectives and talents of young people and I would urge every young person to browse Volunteer Inverclyde and get involved.”

The Saltire Awards are the Scottish Government’s way of celebrating, recognising and rewarding the commitment, contribution and achievements of young volunteers in Scotland, aged between 12 and 25.

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