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Spotlight On Inverclyde Community Fund With SCVO

What Does Your Organisation Do?

Inverclyde Community Fund SCIO is a charity that works with funding partners, businesses, and donors to generate funds that are distributed to benefit the people and communities of Inverclyde and the local environment.

Run entirely by volunteers, we provide grant funding to community groups, voluntary organisations, and individuals that want to make a difference in people’s lives and the local area.

Our main fund at present is the Inverclyde Windfarm Fund, which we deliver in partnership with Inverclyde Renewables LLP. The value of the fund is around £68,000 per annum.

Our funding approach is based on a number of principles – accessibility, openness, fairness, uncomplicated processes, quick decision-making, and a commitment to sustainability.

We encourage mutually beneficial partnerships and relationships between local organisations, and signpost applicants and grant holders to other funders and organisations for support when this is needed.

What's Your Organisation's Biggest Challenge At The Moment?

Our greatest challenge at the moment is generating income to distribute to and support local organisations at a time when there are soaring operational costs, increased demand for services, and urgent needs in our communities.

Tell Us About Your Successes And The Impact Of Your Work

Inverclyde Community Fund has had a very successful year in 2022-23. So far, this financial year we have awarded £78,000 to 47 projects across Inverclyde.

This includes regular Inverclyde Windfarm Fund Grants of up to £1,000 to local groups, 6 Sustainable Development Grants of up to £5,000 for environmental and sustainability projects, and 11 Winter Grants of £2,000 to directly support local people during the current economic crisis.

Here are some examples of the impact of our grants and the organisation:

  • Inverclyde Shed: £5,000 Sustainable Development Grant October 2022

The Inverclyde Shed is creating small heritage orchards in ten local schools and community gardens by planting 16 apple trees on their grounds.

They will also provide annual learning for multiple school year groups around tree growth, pollination, fruit formation, aftercare, and pruning, which will be a learning resource for generations.

  • Children in Poverty Inverclyde: £2,000 Winter Grant December 2022

Children in Poverty Inverclyde works in the community with the most vulnerable and impoverished families in local neighbourhoods rated by SIMD statistics.

The grant purchased 181 items of clothing (puffer jackets, coats, woolen jumpers) and was distributed to impoverished families for children aged 3 -12 years.

  • BOUNCE Basketball Inverclyde: £1,000 Inverclyde Community Fund Grant May 2022

BOUNCE is the only functioning children’s basketball club in Inverclyde, providing grassroots basketball coaching for girls and boys in the 6-13-year-old age group.

They ran a series of Sunday Sessions for 24 children and they were very well received. They ran an end-of-year awards presentation in June, with a variety of awards.

Members and families had the opportunity to attend some Glasgow Rocks games at the Emirates Arena in Glasgow. Most of the kids had never attended a live basketball game before.

What Attracted You To Join SCVO?

Several Trustees have had connections with SCVO in the past and are aware of the benefits of SCVO membership.

What Do You Find Most Valuable About Your Membership?

There are a number of benefits to being an SCVO member including access to Funding Scotland Premium, access to the e-bulletin, and sector news.

Is There Anything Else You'd Like To Share With Us?

Only to thank you for the opportunity to promote our important work in Inverclyde.

This article appeared on the SCVO website.

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